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Python Development – Techdegree

Learn the fundamentals of Python, one of the world’s most versatile programming languages. Python is used to build programs that can run on your computer, control servers, automate repetitive tasks, process information for data analysis and data science, and build powerful web applications.

Your roadmap to success

From mastering technical and soft skills to understanding development tools and computer science fundamentals, the Techdegree will take you from beginner to career-ready.

Project 1 – Number Guessing Game

Build a console number guessing game that prompts a player to choose a number between a specified range of numbers. After the user guesses the correct number, display the number of attempts it took them to guess correctly.

Project 2 – Basketball Stats Tool

Build a console-based basketball team statistics tool to help you divide up a group of players into teams. You’ll apply your knowledge of important Python data structures like lists and dictionaries for the project.

Project 3 – Phrase Hunters

Create a word guessing game: “Phrase Hunter.” You’ll use Python and OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) approaches to select a phrase at random, hidden from the player. A player tries to guess the phrase by inputting individual characters. Can they guess the phrase before they run out of attempts?

Project 4 – Store Inventory

Build a console application that loads an existing store’s inventory data from a CSV file into a Sqlite database. The application will allow a user to interact with the records stored in the database to view existing records, add new items, and backup/export the existing state of the database into a CSV file.

Project 5 – Build a Personal Learning Journal with Flask

Create a web application using HTML, CSS, and Flask, a popular framework for Python web development. The web application, a personal learning journal, lets a user add and edit journal entries and store the results in a database. The result is a useful, blog-like web application.

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